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Uniform Reminder:

  • All players will receive a Pinnie with their registration which should be worn to all practices and games
  • For games, in addition to Radnor Pinnie, players in grades 3 to 8 are required to wear a black bottom (sports skirt preferred, but leggings/pants or shorts acceptable ). 
  • For games, we prefer all girls to wear a neutral (white or grey) long or short sleeve shirt under their pinnies, which can also be purchased from the above store

Equipment Needed:

  • Players will need a stick, lacrosse goggles, a mouthguard & Cleats and/or Turf shoes
  • Players should wear Cleats or Turf Shoes for practice;  many away games are on grass fields, so Cleats are best (soccer cleats are fine. Several companies make lacrosse-specific cleats also)
  • Gloves are optional but recommended. Given we start playing in March, in the evenings, when it is cold, gloves can both protect hands and keep them warm.
  • You can find lacrosse gloves at Lacrosse Unlimited (locations in Paoli and Ardmore), Longstreth's, as well as Dick's Sporting Goods (or online /any location that sells lacrosse equipment).  Get them early since the correct sizes can sell out and be hard to find when you need them in March!
  • Finding a right stick
    • This is the most essential piece of equipement - get a good stick!
    • Local Lacrosse-specific stores listed bleow are a great resource (Lacrosse Unlimited in Ardmore or Paoli, or Longstreths, which specializes in womens equipment).
    • Beginnger sticks are cost effective, however have a more shallow pocket that make catching more difficult
    • More advanced /expensive sticks have "off set" heads, which allows for deeper pocket, making catching easier and keeps the ball in the pocket for more accurate passing
    • There are many online resources to find information on sticks.Here is a good one Girls stick buying guide
    • There are different types of pockets:  mesh,  leather/traditional and combination pockets today.  There are different types of channels and stringing.   Mesh requires less "break in"
    • Younger/smaller players will likely need to get the shaft cut for easier handling appropriate to their size
    • Lacrosse-specific retailers are the best resource for finding the stick that is right for your player, and can properly size/cut the shaft
  • Goggle Information
  • Local Lacrosse stores
    • Lacrosse Unlimited   (Ardmore and Paoli locations)
    • Longstreth    Longstreth Sporting Goods,  28 Wells Rd.   Spring City, PA 19475

  • Other resources: 
    • Dick's Sporting Goods (Plymouth meeting & King of Prussia), 
    • Lax.com