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Spring 2020 Season Update

Message from RGYL Board



With the PA State cancellation of the school year yesterday, it is with regret that we we also must cancel our Spring 2020 season.  

RGYL is passionate about the role Lacrosse and other sports play in our daughter's lives.  We are so disappointed to have to cancel this season, but our community members' health and safety are paramount right now.

An email was sent to all registrants, but we wanted to provide additional information.

Note about refunds:

 We want to give you full transparency into why we are not able to refund 100% of your registration.

The RGYL organization endeavers to provide the most cost-effective and high-quality township program we can.   We work very hard to keep costs down so that we can encourage as much participation as possible at all grade levels.

The work in running the program is done by volunteers ( 9 member Board, and dozens of parent Coaches & Volunteers)   The majority of our budget is spent on Coaching, with approximately 60% of our budget allocated to this one area.  We secure and compensate adult and college coaches, as well as RHS players to be able to teach and instruct lacrosse skills for all grades.   

We are able to refund you this 60% of Registration fees (plus cost of pinnies for 1st - 4th) but not the full paid amount due to Program overhead already incurred in anticipation of the 2020 season.

Despite our efforts to keep the program "lean and mean", there are annual Operating Costs that we incur to enable us to provide a season each year. 

The two main overhead items are our Turf Field Fund (annual contribution to Turf Replacement and repari fund)  and Adminstrative fees (Team Snap, Website, Banking, PAGLA), combined with pre-season ordering of Pinnies.  These amount total over $16K that we spend before anyone steps onto the field each year.  

The Turf Fund is an important component that enables us to maximize our season, since we rarely cancel practice sessions due to field conditions.  We are lucky for the generosity of RHS and RTSD to give Youth Lacrosse program's "first right" usage of the turf fields during the Spring season.  RGYL usage of Turf fields is part of an agreement we have with RTSD,  RSC and RYL to help maintain and fund turf replacement.  RTSD is also extraordinarily generous in that in normal times, the Turf fields are "unlocked" and accessible for community players to use for practice year round .  Friends of Radnor Lacrosse (FoRL) has funded Rebounders at RHS Encke for our players, which add to player's ability to optimize solo practice.

Th Board wanted to provide Refunds to all registants, and to do so in the most equitalbe manner, knowing there are players who registered for 2020 but will not play next year (either 8th graders,  or the normal churn we see each year across grade levels).   We know there are many players who did not step on the field this year that incurred a cost, and we wish this did not occur.  However,  leaving school and all activities behind  in March for the remainder of the year is a situation we could have never expected and one that we hope will never occur again.


  • All families will be refunded 60% of the registration fees you have paid.
    • Additional refunds will be provided for grades 1&2 & 3&4 : refund will be 60% plus $20 (Pinnie)
    • Since we issued Pinnies for 5/6 and 7/8, there is no feasible way to collect those at this time for re-use next year. 

Refunds by most common fee rates are below:


As mentioned in the email, we know there are people who would wish to donate your refund to the Wall Ball project in honor of Peter Samson and in helping purchase equipment to help our scholarship players.   We thank you in advance for your generosity to the Radnor lacrosse community.

Please stay safe & healthy.  We will miss the 2020 season and can't wait to be back on the fields as soon as possible!